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                                Many of the pictures on this page do not have the proper credit.  If there is a picture on this
                                page which you took, please send me an email stating this fact along with some explanation
                                of the pictures origin and I will give the proper credit.

                    Our Namesake   - Picture and brief Bio of Admiral Byrd (Provided by: Ron Shawley)\

                    Underway - 1984   - nice silouhette of the Byrd..

                    Underway - 1984 - Pt2   - R.E. Byrd making a path.(Photographer: Jeff Hilton) 

                    Mediteranean deployment - 1987   - Camera shot of the byrd from helo durng 87 Med cruise, along the coast of 

                    Byrd in port   - The Byrd circa 1988 (Provided by: Scott Reed)

                    Byrd in port_2   - Wide angle of the previous pic. (Provided by: Scott Reed)

                    Coming at ya   - The Byrd out at sea during maneuvers (Provided by: Scott Reed)

                    Janes Defense weekly  - This pic was taken in 1987 during the Byrd's Mediteranean NATO deployment from Jan-Jun.   It is the
                            same picture which graces the home page.   Jane's featured the Byrd on this particular issue.    (Photographer: unknown)                 

                    Byrd at anchor - This B&W picture was taken during the 68-69 Med cruise.  The pic was taken at anchor in Theoule-Cannes, France. 
                            Thanks to Russ Cadenhead for this info. (Photographer: unknown)

                    Haze Gray & underway  - This B&W pic is from the naval archives and has no info with regards to date or location. (Photographer: unknown)

                    Rosey Roads missile shot - 1985 - This color picture was taken during a 1985 missile exercise.   The Byrd was the only ship that day
                            to have two hits, this pic showing the first. (Photographer: Eric Bronson)

                    Richard E. Byrd Seal

                    Plowing thru  - Wanna see what its like to surf a hurricane?? check this pic out!! (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    Plowing thru Pt 2   - More fun during high seas.  Can you spot the mail bouy watch?  (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    Asroc Launch   - Asroc (anti-submarine rocket) launch from amidships (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    Life at sea   - Painting the bow (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    Ron pushups   - Ron flexing some muscle!! (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    R E Byrd in port   - The Byrd in port - circa 1978 (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    R E Byrd in port 2   - The Byrd in port, another shot - circa 1978 (Photographer: Ron Shawley)

                    Arctic Honors   - This certificate is presented to those shipmates who were on board the Byrd when entering the arctic circle.
                             (Provided by: Ron Shawley)

                    Good will   - This pic is was provided by Steve Heath (pictured forefront center) while the Byrd was involved with operation 
                           Handclasp which helped out children in Honduras.  During this time the crew of the Byrd helped by bring books, toys to the 
                           children as well as helping with rebuilding of a local school.

                    RE Byrd model   - Pictures of a model of DDG23                              (Provided by: Anonymous)

                    Rosey Roads Missile shot, 1972   - This color picture was taken during a 1985 missile exercise.
                             (Provided by: Don Wall)