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The following are a list of Navy links which have some neat info.  I have given them a rating system as follows:

Best possible rating          one step above a flounder in a john boat

Adams Class destoyer pages

USS Richard E. Byrd Pt 2   ()
     This is a second page dedicated to the men who served on the Byrd ran by fellow shipmate and 51radarman 
        Jason Winchell.  Site has pics, info and a guest log.  Check out this newest entry (and sharp) tribute to our boat.

         USS Towers (DDG-9)  ()
This page is dedicated the USS Towers.  Pics, ships log, and info concerning DDG-9.                

         USS Conyngham (DDG-17)  ()
This page is dedicated the USS Conyngham.  Pics, ships log, and info concerning DDG-17.     

USS Goldsborough Homepage (DDG-20)   ()
     A great page and excellent source of information for not only this ship but other Adams class destroyers

         USS Cochrane (DDG-21)  ()
This page is dedicated the USS Cochrane.  Pics, ships log, and info concerning DDG-21.    

         USS Waddell (DDG-24)  ()
This page is dedicated the USS Waddell.  Pics, ships log, and info concerning DDG-24.        


Various Naval Websites

Adams Class Destroyer Home Page   ()
     Covers all 23 ships in the class as well as those built for foreign service.  Has pics, info, service logs for all ships. 
        This site is currently undergoing renevation and will hopefully be up soon

         Saginaw Valley Museum ()
              This page is dedicated to the name sake of the line, the USS Charles F. Adams and is currently the rallying point
                 for making the this ship a Naval museum. 

US Navy Memorial webpage   ()
     Great page.   Contains the Navy memorial log (see 'About Me' for an example).  Located in Washington DC,
        it's a great place to visit and has some very neat attractions.

US Navy Surface ship photo archive   ()
Part of the site, this is a great place to pick up photos from WWII vessels to the latest
        AEGIS destroyers. 

         Tin Can Sailors Association ()
                 This page is another source of info for all Destroyers.      

         Military Gifts  ()
Thanks to Paul Hanson for this great site.   Alot of you have written me in the past with regards to getting a new
                 cap, etc.  Well this is the place to go.  They also have shirts and jackets. (Paul has written me and said that he
                 has gotten very good service from these folks so you may want to give a try).