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This page will be used to update all you fellow Byrdians about updates to this site as well as
reunions and various events,both Byrd and Navy related.  If you are hosting an event and
would like it posted here, please email me at:


                      4/23/02 - Greetings mates.  
                            As many of you are probably aware, this site has not been updated regularly by myself on a regular basis.
                            The reasons are many but suffice to say that the time just isn't there for me to dedicate to this site.  I am 
                            very proud and gratified that I've been able to bring so many of you together, which yielded in our reunion
                            this past fall.   I am therefore looking for someone to help with the site, do the day to day updates as well
                            as doing some development work and possibly taking over the site.  If any of you are experienced with 
                            web design, please contact me so we can work out an arrangement.  The sooner I can get someone
                            to help out, the sooner updates can be done to the page.  As of now, no updates will be done to the site
                            until I secure some help.   Thanks guys for your support and understanding.


                    1/2/02 - Greetings all.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Its been awhile since I have done any updates,
                             so let me fill you in on what is going on with the site as alot of you have written to ask.  Due to my workload,
                             I have not been able dedicate any time to maintanence of the site (gotta love owning you own business).
                             Because of this I am looking for any of you who would like to help out with the maintanence of the site, it would
                             be much appreciated.  I use Frontpage 2000 to maintain and develop the site.  Until then, I will make an attempt
                             to get the Log updated and also include pictures from those of you who have sent them in.

                             Also, I have not heard anything with respect to the reunion and was wondering how it went.  If any of you 
                             can shoot me an email I would be happy to post that here.  

                    6/23/01 - Hey Everyone!  Well for those of you who don't already know, the DDG-23 reunion will be a definite 
                            happening.  Our reunion is scheduled  for the weekend of Oct 11-13 in Norfolk Va.  To get more info, please
                            click on the following link:

                    2/5/01 - Greetings all.  Well its been a while since I've been able to update the site but its an update worth waiting
                            for.  As most of you may know, there has been an effort underway to have DDG23 reunion.  Well I am happy to 
                            say that this will soon be a reality.  As of this writing and as per the info we have received (both here and on the
                   site) that a reunion should be taking place sometime towards the end of September.  We 
                            are currently working out the schedule with respect to lodging and activities and as all of this comes together,
                            this info will be posted on both sites. 

                    11/10/00 - Happy Veterans Day Guys.  I've always liked this day cause it marked not only the rememberance of
                            all those who've served, but it also happened to be my entry and discharge date as well.  Anyway, things are
                            really moving along on the reunion.  Right now a possible September date is being discussed but we need
                            your input.  Please go to this link at the Shootin Steamin website
and let us know your ideas and suggestions.

                            Also, I've included Ron Shawleys form for crew info so we can keep an active listing of crew members for
                            reunion purposes and the newsletter (also done by Ron):  Byrd Sailors form

                    10/26//00 - Happy Halloween to you Byrdians out there.  The following is a note I received from Kipp Pittman
                            and he as asked that I post it here.  Please read this and if you can, contribute either to the ships list currently
                            being compiled or if you have the time to offer to volunteer to get this project moving, then please contact him,
                            myself or Ron Shawley.  

Hey y'all,

To bring everyone up to speed, I'm on guilt-trip at the moment for losing contact with a couple of former crewmembers who won't make it to this reunion, or any other. So, before anyone says thanks for finally kickin' this thing off, understand that my interests are completely selfish. There seemed to be a general interest (from all the posts I read on the websites), but no 'push'. That's where I came in...

I served on the Byrd late '70's/early '80's. Those I speak of, in most cases, are from this time frame.

We're talking about a reunion of all former Byrd crewmembers, 1964-1990, in theNorfolk/Virginia Beach area, some time middle-to-late 2001. Before anyone starts with questions about planning, we ain't nailing down brass tacks yet.

The first priority is to build as large a contact list as possible and get a feel for the interest level. We need crewmembers from all workcenters and every time frame to attempt contact with others they served with. Ron Shawley has agreed to maintain the contact list. 

The progress report:

Jason Winchell got started on a reunion page today (10/25). Basically it's just a link to it, but it works and it's a start. I know he's just as busy as everyone else, but the response time is unbelievable. (Late correction: we now have a rough format...the guy's all over this)

The Winchells, Ron Shawley, Tim Eberenz, and Jack Atkinson are behind this 100% with their work on the websites. These will be the guys to thank when we all finally get together.

Mark Petrozino (MS3), Brian Murphy (BT2), and Paul Hanson (OSSN) have already volunteered to do whatever they can. Henry Blotkamp doesn't know it yet, but he will be one of the 'point men' (since he's in Virginia Beach) once we finally start some real planning.

I'm running name searches and generating call lists for crewmembers I can remember.

I found Henry Blotcamp (there was only one), Tom Glock (6 or 7 of these and nailed him on the first call), and talked to Valentine last night. I saw where Val got up on the website and left a post right after we hung up. Several others I had no luck with...yet.

I made 23 calls last night, all over the country, and only found two guys. That's less than a 10% success rate (if you look at it that way). My biggest problem is I try to explain why I'm bothering people when I get a wrong number and then, when I do get a hit, I've got to spend 30-45 minutes catching up. My phone bill is gonna be a killer...

Valentine says he can locate Royal (MM2) and Charles Morris (MMFN?FA?), so that's two more. And this is what I consider a bonus, one contact generated two more. My hope is this thing will network itself...once we get it started.

Dan Irwin is one I'd really like to locate, and Mark Szczepanski (7 in the US) is another I tried last night. Only found 2 Mark Weigerts, with no luck. Bruce Collins and Ed Greene will probably generate about a few hundred hits each. They may have to find us, unless some else already has a line on them (we gotta be reasonable about this, right?). 

And what about the lifers (no offense intended...intended offense would read 'lifer-dogs'): MMC Kaake, MMC/Ens. Barnett, Ens. Bailey, MM1 Webb, BT1 Brewster, Linder (CHENG), the little round EMC (what was his name?) that stood EEOW, the red-headed BTC? Did any of them even have first names? 

Well, I'm gonna get started on some more names. We need solid contacts on as many crewmen as possible if we're gonna pull this off. I don't want to be the only one to wind up divorced when this reunion is over, 

so y'all gotta help me out a little!

Thanks in advance!


Kipp Pittman, MM2, USN, Ret. (PDRL)
410 Wilcox Street
Willacoochee, GA 31650


                        9/17/00 - Greetings again everyone.  Just a design note, a few of you have asked me how to find out when the site
                                    is updated.  I have built in an automation tool on the header of the page.  If you click on it, it will allow your
                                    browser to go out and find out if this site is updated and then send you a reminder.  Let me know how it 

                        9/3/00 - Hi guys!!  Well I have gotten some updated news with respect to a reunion.  In talking with a few of the other
                                    CFA class webmasters there is a push for a Class reunion where all the members of the CFA class destroyers
                                    could get together.  Right now no dates have been set or location.  If anyone would like to throw there two cents
                                    in please get in touch with me and I'll pass along your thoughts.   

                                    Some of you may be aware that there is an attempt to make the Charles F. Adams (DDG 2), our class 
                                    namesake, a floating museum.  Currently there is a funding issue which is preventing this from happening.
                                    Since most of our ships our either razor blades, wargame targets, or scrap for foreign service.  Currently the
                                    Saginaw site is requesting dontations from all CFA sailors.  Please visit thier site and help them make this a 
                                    reality and preserve our heritage.

                                    I have included a new column on the servicelog page which will denote the picture of the sailor named.  If you
                                    have a pic of yourself which you'd like included, please send it to the above address and I will include it.

                          7/10/00 - Greeting everyone!!!  Just wanted to give you all an update.  I know alot of you have written me with regards
                                    to updates and my apologies but with me being a daddy for the second time recently I have had my hands full.
                                    I will hopefully be able to start updating the site on a more regular basis.  Now to the news.

                                        - I'd like to thank everybody for passing the word about the site.  We've gone over 2500 hits which is something
                                          I never expected so thanks!!!

                                        - I'd like to take this opportunity to inform you of a new site dedicated to the Byrd.  Read up on it in links and
                                          give it a visit.  It run by an old shipmate of mine Jason Winchell, lets all give him the same support that I've
                                          gotten from all of you.  

                                        - I have not gotten any new info with regards to any reunions.. I know many of you have written me with respect
                                          to this.  I unfortuanetly do not have the resources or the time to plan one but in any of you out there do/can,
                                          please let me know and I post all info here so we can get as many people involved as we can.

                          4/8/00 - I will be creating a "CO's" page which will feature all the captain's of the Byrd.  I have gotten some bios 
                                    from old cruise books and I thought it would be nice to have a section dedicated to those who commanded her.

                                    I have also been getting more snippets with regards to the Byrd timeline.  Anyone who has info with regards the
                                    ship's movements (ie cruisebooks, first hand knowledge) while they were on board, please pass them along.
                                    Once I get enough info, I will put the timeline online for all to view.

                                    With respect to the above, it has come to my attention from one of our shipmates (Bob Latham) that the Byrd 
                                    was the first ship to arrive on the scene when the USS Liberty was attacked during the 6 day war in 1967.  
                                    If anyone has some stories or more info with regards to the Byrd's involvement, please pass it along.   

                                    I have been getting a ton of photos in and am currently looking for a new home for the site.  Tripod only gives
                                    10 mb of space and I'm starting to approach that level now.  Some of the new photos are up on the Pics page,
                                    so check them out.

                          3/22/00 - Well alot of new things to report.  First I'd like to extend a hearty thanks to Ron Shawley for the latest batch
                                    of photos as well as the newsletter which I'm sure most of you have recieved.  If you haven't recieved it and 
                                    would like to get on the list, please email Ron at .   I will also post the latest newsletter here         
                                    every month for download.  Ron has also found out some more info with regards to the Byrd's status so you 
                                    might want to check out this months newsletter.  (You must have MS Publisher98 or better to view the newsletter)

                                                            Newsletter for March  -  (Publisher 98 version) 

                                    As for reunion info.. I have still not recieved any info regarding my previous post in December.  


                        12/24/99 - Greetings on this last Christmas eve of the century. I have recently come into contact with Len Gordon,
                                    publisher of the Adams Class newsletter. He has informed me that there is a tenative "Adams Class reunion"
                                    tenatively scheduled for June of next year in Buffalo, NY. The reunion is available to all those who served on
                                    Adams Class destroyers. I will be posting updates as they come in. If you would like to receive the Adams
                                    Class Destroyers newsletter, you can email Len directly at

                        11/15/99 - Greetings to all.   Well I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you guys for all the support and
                                    and encouragement for/about the website.  It's nice to know that I'm doing something that so many of
                                    you really appreciate.  Right now  I'm looking for the following:

                                            - Some more Sea stories and  more pics.
                                            - I'm still trying to finish the timeline mentioned in the History page.  Any info on the cruises/actions the
                                              Byrd was involved in will help out in making it a reality.

                                    The other thing that I have been asked is whether or not there are any Byrd reunions, etc.    I have not heard
                                    of any or know any groups who are having them.  If anyone is interested in holding such a reunion, please
                                    let me know so I can post the info here.